Grace & Glory Cheesery

It gives us pleasure to introduce you to our goats and goat's milk products.  Great love and care is applied when our cheeses and other products are handmade in small batches. The Cheesery forms part of a small farming enterprise, which is family-owned and operated with the aim of quality, sustainable country living.   

We started our farming operations in October 2011 when we acquired 5 British Alpine and soon after 5 Toggenburg goat kids which we cuddled, enjoyed and raised as the love of our lives. The herd had grown to almost a hundred "milking girls" in previous milking seasons, but due to the drought and other personal circumstances, we scaled down to 18 milkers who now produce our excellent quality milk .

A little more about Goat's cheese in general:

The word Chevre means goat, but is regularly used to mean goat cheese.   The distinctive, tart, earthy flavor of goat's cheese has wonderful subtle variations. Compared to cow's milk products, goat cheese is lower in fat,calories and cholesterol and provides more calcium. Even though goat cheese has fewer calories, it has a full, rich and creamy flavour. Because of its special composition, goat milk and goat milk cheeses are easily digested.


Blessings from Me-and-My-Goats 

For orders, contact Hestie van Biljon
083 289 1803 or e-mail:

We deliver weekly in the Pretoria area and delivery can be arranged in other areas if required.